UVU board of trustees release statement regarding student housing

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UVU’s Board of Trustees approved a statement Aug. 16 at 6:30 p.m. confirming its support for student housing developments proposed by the university.

The statement says that the board “affirms its support of the University’s current state-approved facilities master plan, which identifies three properties contiguous to the Orem Campus as potential future sites for student housing.”

It continues, adding that the Board “directs and authorizes the University” to cooperate with “land owners, developers, Orem City, and neighbors to develop student-housing complexes on these properties or to buy and develop these properties into student housing.”

The Board is referring to three areas of proposed housing outlined in the 2016 Campus Master Plan. These sites are: the Palos Verdes development, the Ivory Homes project located in the neighborhood near the LDS Institute parking lot and a potential site located between the Orem Frontrunner Station and I-15.

There are no additional sites being considered at this time.

“Based on the current master plan, neither the Board of Trustees nor UVU encourage the development of other properties around the Orem Campus beyond those currently identified in the plan,” said the Board.

This statement comes nearly four months after Orem residents filed a referendum to deny the re-zoning of the Palos Verdes neighborhood to accommodate high-density housing.

The referendum will be on the November 2018 ballot, so the development of the Palos Verdes neighborhood is stalled until then.

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