New student housing developing this summer

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Nelson Brothers Professional Real Estate has planned construction for single and married student housing on six acres west of I-15 in Orem.

“For decades, UVU students have gone to BYU housing to get the student housing experience,” said Patrick Nelson, CEO of Nelson Brothers. “We believe if you go to UVU you should live near UVU and be part of your alumni and build relationships with your fellow student body. Commuting that far every day each way—it’s just way too inefficient.”

The new complex, with 1,200 beds, will include two six-story buildings as well as one 10-story housing tower. One of the three buildings will be married housing, with room to accommodate small children. Groundbreaking will begin the summer of 2018 and construction is expected to be completed around the summer of 2020.

Nelson understands that there is a great need for affordable student housing near campus.

“The skyrocketing cost of construction in Utah is really driving prices more than what we’ve ever seen them before,” Nelson said. “However, Nelson Brothers is working to create something for everyone from economy value all the way up to top-of-the line studios with the best amenities ever built in the state of Utah.”

Having high quality amenities is something the Nelson Brothers company is known for. As such, the facilities will include a full basketball court, indoor volleyball court, sand volleyball court, soccer turf field, cinema room, bowling lanes, two pools, three hot tubs, and a 10-story parking structure.

“Nelson Brothers student housing is bringing amenities and efficiencies and opportunities to UVU that have never been brought in Utah and student housing,” Nelson said. “The design is not just to bring amenities but to help students feel a sense of community where they bond together and network and get off of their devices and avoid being locked in their room on their phones, laptops and gaming devices.”

The Nelson Brothers company recently ranked No. 4 among real estate companies on Inc. magazine’s 36th annual list of America’s fastest-growing private companies. Along with the UVU student housing, they have also acquired 13 acres in Lehi for a mixed-use residential facility. Nelson Brothers also purchased a nine-by-nine student housing structure at Brigham Young University and plans to rebuild the building.

The construction company was founded by brothers Patrick Nelson and Brian Nelson. It is a multi-state firm based in Provo with headquarters in Aliso Viejo, California.