Try something new with UVU recreation

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College isn’t just about papers and deadlines. It’s also about the experience, and the UVU campus recreation department has plenty of opportunities to try something new, from gaming to rock climbing. 

Student Life and Wellness Center

The Student Life and Wellness Center has a large array of classes for students to try any type of exercise. Get your body moving in high fitness, dance your heart out in U-JAM or work on your core in pilates.

To join classes, you will need a gym membership or day pass. Memberships are free for full-time students and $40 for those taking under 10 credits per semester. Day passes are $5.

Jansen Hyatt, a senior studying psychology major, said, “The people that go to classes here make friends through the class and get to know each other throughout the year.”


If sports are more your thing, the UVU intramural department offers a variety of sports for anyone to get their game on. Try out softball, badminton, ultimate frisbee, laser tag, ping pong, tennis, disc golf, esports and more. Students can sign up for intramurals at

Outdoor Adventure Center

For those who enjoy exploring the sights Utah has to offer, the Outdoor Adventure Center has you covered. Students can rent equipment for their own adventures or join the OAC for some outdoor fun. Challenge yourself to biking, hiking, rafting, climbing and more. 

According to Jeremiah Luke, the OAC program coordinator assistant, the majority of the trips are student-led. This allows students the opportunity to come up with experiences specific to their interests. 

“The OAC has a family feel to it —  once you’re in, you’re kind of stuck,” Luke said. 

He added that most people who come are beginners, so there’s no reason to feel intimidated. 

Health and wellness programs

With all the hard work in your life, it’s also important to take care of your health. That’s why the recreation department has wellness programs. Health coaching is available to help you learn how to be the healthiest version of yourself, and handle the stresses that come with college life. 

Speaking of stress, there’s a stress-reduction room just for this purpose, which includes incense, a biofeedback machine and a napping area. The health programs also include cooking classes to learn how to cook but still be healthy on a college budget, and a campus favorite, the massage chairs. This is the perfect way to take a break from assignments and tests and practice self-care.

“There are more stresses in college than high school,” said senior Zach Porter, an exercise science major. “A lot of us have to find healthy ways to deal with those stresses. The wellness center is a great way to deal with stress and have good health in general.”