True Wolverine Gets Redefined

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UVUSA decides to trade the True Wolverine tradition of kissing before the UVU fountain with more inclusive options to redefine what it truly means to be a wolverine for generations to come.

As the university pushes to make the campus safe and inclusive for all students, the topic of the True Wolverine kissing tradition came under fire as not being representative of that push.

With past articles recounting the non-consensual, uncomfortable and possible health risking behavior of some UVU students attending and participating in this event, the call for change comes as no surprise.

Marc Reynolds current president of UVUSA during a weekly council chamber meeting stated that UVUSA is open to suggestions on how to incorporate new traditions and that transparency to the student population was important.

With events like the fall semester Week of Welcome fastly becoming a new tradition for Wolverines, UVUSA’s activities branch has responded by expanding the week long event to two weeks by adding activities of various sizes to ensure there’s something for all of UVU’s student population to enjoy.

To make suggestions, or input them here stop by the UVUSA room located in  the Student Life Building room SL122.