Queer Eye star: Tan France

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“Were you nervous about what you were gonna wear today?”

“Yes!” Tan France

On Tuesday morning, witty wardrobe wiz, Tan France, came to Utah Valley University for the UVUSA Senate Speaker event.

Hosted by UVUSA Student Body President, Taylor Bell, and Vice President of Academic Senate, Maddie Miskho, France was asked different questions about his life and career. 

UVUSA Student Body President Taylor Bell, UVUSA Vice President of Academic Senate, Maddie Miskho and Netflix star Tan France. Photo taken by Hunter Hall


Starting off the event, France was asked, “In your book, you say you got an acceptance of your true self mid-season 1 of Queer Eye. Elaborate on that experience.”

“I became more comfortable with who I am as the show progressed on. I thought f*** it. Everyone else gets to be who they want. You can be as straight as you want to be, why can’t I be as gay as I want to be.”Tan France

France also offered his advice to Utah LGBT youth trying to navigate their way through the more conservative and religious atmosphere in this state.

“Find one person in your life who you can tell and tell them as soon as possible.”Tan France

Being An Author

When asked what inspired him to write a book, France said he felt it was his job to do his life justice.

He said he did not want editors to chop up what he was saying. France said it was hard to really want to tell your story and believe that someone else will do it justice. He said it was not their job, but his to do his own justice.

“It felt like my responsibility to write a book that was honest and shared my perspectives so people could learn from it and how to be kinder to people like me.”

Fashion Tip

Towards the end of the talk, Bell was able to get the treat of France demonstrating a French Tuck on his outfit.

“You want to take the front, tuck it in about an inch and a half, and pull out the rest. It helps to make your legs look longer and balances your proportions.”Tan France

Closing out the event, France was asked the question, what’s next? News of upcoming Queer Eye seasons, as well as the hopeful possibility of Next In Fashion season 2, were hinted to the audience.

“And I am going to continue, hopefully, to treat my husband nice.”

Netflix star and fashion icon Tan France, photo taken by Hunter Hall