Police Reports

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Theft of Property

Aug. 20 —11:00 a.m.
While patrolling the Browning Administration Building, a police officer was approached by a student who wanted to report the theft of their scooter while they attended class. The officer tried to use camera recordings to determine who stole the scooter, but was unable to see the location that the scooter was left at.Controlled

Substance Problem: Meth

Aug. 25 —10:05 a.m.
A police officer stopped a vehicle to conduct a traffic stop after running the car’s plates and discovering the car’s owner had multiple no-bail warrants. Upon a vehicle search, meth and paraphernalia were found in the car. The driver was arrested on both warrant and drug charges, and the passenger was arrested on drug charges. The driver was booked into Utah County Jail, and the passenger was sent to Utah Valley hospital for medical clearance. The drugs and paraphernalia were booked into the UVU Police Department.