Meet the 2023 UVU Student Body President Candidates

Reading Time: 5 minutes Meet 2023’s UVU Student Body President Candidates

Reading Time: 5 minutes

UVU student body elections are right around the corner. Voting will take place from Monday, Feb. 27 until Thursday, March 2. Click here during election time to cast your vote.

The Review interviewed each candidate. Here are the 2023 UVU Student Body President Candidates. 

Cade Bloomer – “You will see a difference with me in office and know that the student government is working for you.” 

Having experience working in government as a Congressional intern for the Utah Senate, Bloomer has developed relationships with state lawmakers. “I can ensure students’ priorities are met statewide and [they] have representation.” 

He is now working for former governor Gary Herbert and hopes to pursue a career in government when he graduates. Through UVU’s Herbert Institute, Bloomer has had the opportunity to “work with UVU administration and gain a valuable connection with them,” as well as learning how to “work with students from different political backgrounds to develop solutions that will benefit everyone.”

Bloomer is currently a junior studying political science at UVU. He is from Bountiful, UT but spent time in Peru, Kuwait, and South Africa as a kid; which cultivated a love for traveling and experiencing new cultures. 

Bloomer stated wants students to know why he deserves to be elected. “As a student, I’ve seen the impact the student body government can have and believe that with me in office we can reach its true potential.” 

He noted that “Students often feel that the student body government hasn’t benefited or helped them in any way,” and believes that “with the right person in office,” the narrative can be changed.

“I care and truly want to have a positive effect on [students] that they can see,” Bloomer said. “I want students to know that with me as student body president, they will see a difference and see the student government working for them.”

“I am doing this because a change is needed at UVU and I am willing to put in the work and time to show students that anything is possible.”

Bloomer says that as a fellow student, he can relate to many of the day-to-day situations they are presented with. “I understand the struggles that students face, and [I] want students to feel that someone cares for them.” He stressed the importance of caring for the student body as well as being someone they can relate to and rely on. 

“With me in office, you will never feel like the student body government hasn’t done anything for you. I will put in those long hours and nights to ensure you know I care and so you know you are heard,” Bloomer said. 

Bloomer loves tacos and his favorite TV show is “The 100.” He also enjoys running and reading. “Never give up” is the best advice he’s ever received, as college wasn’t always in the picture for him while he was growing up. “Remembering to ‘never give up’ has pushed me to get where I am today,” he said.

Ava Gonzalez – “No Problem too Small”

Ava Gonzalez is currently a junior at UVU, working towards a degree in psychology and a minor in criminal justice. 

Before coming to UVU, Gonzalez was on her college’s cheer and dance team. She is also a competitive runner “so I love a good trail,” she said. Gonzalez also enjoys the show “Parks and Recreation.” Her presidential slogan, “No problem too small,” is a quote from her favorite character Leslie Knope, who Gonzalez says is “quite literally one of my inspirations.”

Gonzalez is offering a fresh perspective on involvement with the UVU Student Association. “No other candidate has done any collaborations on or with UVUSA via the realms of inclusion or outreach, but I have.”

In fact, Gonzalez has been involved in various campus events. A few weeks ago, she worked with the Money Success Center to do “tabling on free tax resources.” She will also host an activity with the Women’s Athletics and Success Center to provide a spa night and daycare for mothers next month. 

“I get things done, once elected into office, you won’t hear progress until you see it.” 

Once elected, she plans on working to make changes within the academics department. She wants to make it so that “professors cannot assign work during breaks.” Gonzalez also wants to work with the Financial Aid Office to make sure “scholarships are more accessible and getting aid is less tedious.”

“I am here to elevate you, a vote for me is a vote for yourself.” Gonzalez feels she deserves to be elected because with her in office, “Your voices will be amplified.” She said that she “values the student voice so much” because she recognizes that everyone has a unique and individual story. “I am here to listen to your [stories] and come up with a solution for students’ problems.” 

Gonzalez has served as UVU’s Inclusion Chair this past year. Throughout her experience, she believes to have shown that she is “not just thinking of ways to better the student experience but taking action. Together we can grow what student life already looks like,” she said.

Gonzalez is confident that “I am the woman that can fulfill this job to its full potential.” She recognizes UVU as a “melting pot of people who come from all different walks of life” and recognizes the student body president’s responsibility to “represent the student population.” 

Gonzalez says her worst fear is “speaking over people” and as president, she instead wants to “share her platform.” The best piece of advice she ever received is that “you can never be overdressed or overeducated” and “what other people think of you doesn’t matter.” 

After graduation, Gonzalez wants to get a diploma in neurodevelopment through movement and attend a graduate law school program. “Ideally, my career path will take me into legal communications work with the United Nations.”

“UVU is nothing without the students, so please reach out to me with ideas or needs. I am never going to promise something that cannot happen within the span of my presidency.” She wants students to know that “there is so much we can accomplish together.”

Zac Whitlock – “You MATTER and YOU must SHINE!”

“I know how the university works,” said Zac Whitlock, senator for the Woodbury School of Business and a candidate for UVU student body president, “I have been on a team of senators from each college and we have been receiving feedback from the students all year.”

Whitlock is currently a sophomore at UVU, working towards a degree in personal financial planning. 

As president, Whitlock plans to collaborate with students, campus organizations, and even other universities. “I want to work with all groups and programs across campus, allowing UVUSA to be a facilitator for change and advancement,” he said.

Throughout his campaign, Whitlock emphasized the importance of student engagement and feedback. “Your feedback will be the priority for the council. We will listen to the changes you want and make them happen,” Whitlock said. 

Whitlock also plans to “work with other universities to increase access to scholarships no matter where you are from, [and] work with faculty and administration to make sure you have the best student experience possible.” Whitlock wants to “inform students of the resources, events, and opportunities on campus.” 

“I will work tirelessly to ensure that UVU comes out of the shadows and improve the community’s perception of the university,” Whitlock said. 

He plans to “share UVU’s successes with the community,” and let people know that “[UVU] is not the backup school, it is THE school.”

 “I am not in this for me. I wasn’t planning on running, but I saw a need and I am filling that need,” he said. “My goals are attainable, and I know how to execute them. I have already been working on making resources available this year in the Business School.”

Whitlock stated that “strength and struggle go together”  is the best piece of advice he has ever received. He wants students to know that “With this position, there is a huge learning curve,” but he is prepared because “the only way to get stuff done is to have a head start, I have that head start.” 

Whitlock’s favorite band is Coldplay and he recently finished watching Breaking Bad. He loves sports and is a huge fan of the Utah Jazz. He recalled his trip to Thailand as one of the most life-changing experiences he’s ever had. 

After he graduates, he wants to start his own wealth management firm. Eventually, he aims to start a “non-profit that will help low-income communities break the bands of poverty.” 

If elected, Whitlock promised, “I will not give you lip service, I will give you results. This year will be focused on you.” He reminds students that “YOU MATTER and YOU must SHINE!”