Lemonade with Lexi helps students make their voices heard

Reading Time: < 1 minute Lexi Soto and the UVUSA met with students in the halls on campus to build relations between the student government and UVU students.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Lexi Soto, Utah Valley University’s student body president, met with students in various locations on campus to share a lemonade and get to know her and other members of the Utah Valley University Student Association better. This initiative is a part of Lemonade with Lexi, the student body president’s bi-weekly event that was created to integrate the student body with the president and other members of the student government. 

The UVU Review interviewed UVUSA’s Vice President of Engagement, Keaton Baucom who shared his knowledge about the event. “Yesterday they were over in the [Health Professionals] part of campus,” Baucom said, the Health Professionals part of campus is on west campus located across the freeway.

“They go to a different part of the campus each week and they ask whoever’s walking by [if they want lemonade] and they’re able to meet the president,” said Baucom. “If they’d like to, she’s available to talk.” 

“[We want students to know that] there’s people representing their voice in high up meetings,” said Soto, welcoming each student to meet with her and let their voice be heard.

Baucom stated that there’s more than just lemonade and great conversations that they have to offer at Lemonade with Lexi events, “Sometimes they provide some cookies as well, not every time but I’ve seen some cookies provided as well.”
If students want to make it to the next Lemonade with Lexi they can follow the UVU Students page on social media to get updates on when and where they take place. Students are also welcome to meet with Lexi and her team in the UVUSA Office in room 122 of the Student Life and Wellness Center.