“It’s time for new leadership,”: Carolyn Phippen enters Utah’s Senate race 

Reading Time: 3 minutes Carolyn Phippen, former area director for Senator Mike Lee and board member of Utah Citizens for the Constitution and Director of Freedom Front, has joined the race to replace Senator Mitt Romney in 2024.

Former State Director for Senator Mike Lee, Carolyn Phippen, has begun her campaign to be Senator Mitt Romney's replacement in the 2024 race for Utah's Senate seat. Photo By Matthew Drachman

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Former Area Director for Senator Mike Lee, Carolyn Phippen, announced that she is joining the race to become Utah’s next senator in 2024. 

Speaking to a crowd of reporters and supporters early in the afternoon Nov. 1, Phippen echoed similar criticisms that Utah deserves a strong conservative to represent it in the Senate. 

“The fact of the matter is that Utah deserves another strong conservative leader in the United States Senate,” Phippen asserted to the gathered crowd. “It has becoming increasingly clear that the principles of limited government and spending, respect for the uniqueness of the individual, equal application of the law, and the ability to simply live one’s life without the constant interference of the government, are all things that Americans really do care about.” 

Phippen’s announcement echoed issues that have become central in this campaign to replace Senator Romney. Federal debt and deficits, immigration, national security, and abortion all being mentioned to the crowd that was gathered in the historic Draper Park. 

Photo by Matthew Drachman

“I have known her for years,” Emily Ord, neighbor, and supporter of Phippen, told The Review after the announcement. “She is a great example of knowing the importance of the constitution, preserving conservative values, and just on a personal level she has done a lot of personal service to my family.” 

Supporters of Phippen described her as a local who you could always turn to for help, and that she was someone who wasn’t afraid to answer questions. During the post press conference briefing for reporters, Phippen told reporters that she will be stepping down from her role as an Executive Director of Freedom Front, a conservative advocacy group, to run for the Senate. 

When it came to setting herself apart from her opponents in the race, Phippen told reporters that she was not a politician and that helped her gain ground with people. 

“As I have had discussions with people about this race,” Phippen began to say to reporters. “… have led me to believe that the way that I do things… is an advantage that will set me apart and present me as a unique candidate in this race.” 

Photo by Matthew Drachman

Phippen also mentioned that her campaign will be both gathering signatures as soon as they can and shooting for the convention. Critiquing the rules of the race saying that it required campaign to raise millions of dollars rather than “a few hundred thousand dollars.” 

Within the briefing Phippen also briefly mentioned Former President Trump when prompted by a reporter, saying that she would support the nominee of the Republican Party. 

“I feel like Trump has been out for two and a half years, he is running again, I am fascinated by the fact that he’s a constant topic of discussion.” Phippen began. “It does look like he will be the nominee, and I will support the Republican nominee whoever that is.” 

To learn more about Carolyn Phippen and her campaign, visit her website. For more information on how to register to vote and Utah’s upcoming Caucus night on Mar. 5, visit the Lt. Governors website

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