“I LOVE UVU!” – Meet Mackenzie Jones, a 2023 UVU Vice President of Academics Candidate

Reading Time: 2 minutes UVU’s 2023 Vice President of Academics candidate is a write-in Mackenzie Jones, who shared her vision with the Review on why she wanted to run.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Mackenzie Jones, a write-in candidate for Vice President of Academics, is currently one of the candidates running for the position whose name is not on the ballot, The Review had the opportunity to interview Jones to hear her vision for the office. 

UVUSA elections are in full swing, and voting will take place from Monday, Feb. 27 until Thursday, March 2. Click here during election time to cast your vote.

Born in Wahroonga, Australia, Jones is currently a junior at UVU majoring in math education and pursuing a minor in psychology. She enjoys running, basketball, and volleyball and considers herself an “excellent hula hooper,” but “terrible at miniature golf.”

“UVU is a great university – a place where students really do have a voice,” says Jones. “I LOVE UVU!!”

If elected as VP of Academics Jones wants to, “continue the strides made this past year by the Senate Branch in ‘hearing you’ because I think you’ve got some great ideas and feedback.” 

Her plans for office include holding “‘city council’ meetings where students feel welcome to make suggestions and start a discussion,” as well as continuing to “organize ‘networking events’ where you can make connections with other students in your field of study.”

“I would like to work with the scholarship department to make students more aware of the scholarships and resources available through UVU,” says Jones, who also “strongly supports” a policy of no homework over holidays and breaks. 

Jones is also interested in making improvements to the way credits are awarded for certain classes. “I have been learning about the way credits are awarded for labs and would like to make sure they are equal to the amount of time and effort given by students.”

“As Senator, I have worked mostly behind the scenes this past year,” Jones recounts her experience as Senator for the UVU School of Education. “I see that the faculty and staff at UVU work hard to give us an excellent educational experience.” 

Her experience as a Senator has given her a chance to get a feel for what being Vice President of Academics would be like. She has spent her time serving to implement new ideas throughout campus, such as “more food options and microwaves on campus, Battle of the Colleges [upcoming March 20-25], and providing opportunities where students share ideas.” She has also participated in organizing several events for the program. 

“I have worked hard as Senator and will continue working hard as your VP of Academics,” says Jones. “I have experience and a working knowledge of our UVUSA. I recognize your contribution to the success of UVU. I will hear your voice and advocate for you.”

In her free time, Jones enjoys watching “The Office,” “New Girl,” and “How I Met Your Mother,” as well as going on adventures with her husband. Her favorite midnight snack is strawberries with Nutella.