Local band ready to swim in deeper waters

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If you Google “Shark Speed,” most of the nearly seven million results are about the velocity of Great Whites or are links to Discovery Channel’s annual awesome-fest known as Shark Week.

In time, that will most likely change if the guys in the local band Shark Speed continue to put out material like their forthcoming Education EP.

Typically, when a band calls its album “self released,” it is code for “demo that no record label wanted to put out.” That doesn’t appear to be the case when it comes to Shark Speed. Their music is good, really good.

It’s infectious and catchy without being overbearing and annoying. At this rate, it won’t be long before these guys will be forced to sign with a record label — their music has clearly already outgrown the “self released” underworld.

EDUCATION makes for a short trip; with only four songs, it leaves you wanting more. While it could be argued that the songs are a bit over-produced, the band’s talent clearly shines through. They have a sound similar to a less complicated Minus the Bear, and that is in no way a bad thing. If anything, Shark Speed has huge potential for mainstream appeal, and Education backs that up.

For some high-spirited indie pop, check out Shark Speed’s Education when it releases on Jan. 30. It will prompt many to walk down the street humming the band’s tunes and wondering why these guys aren’t more well-known. Just don’t go home and try to Google them, unless watching Shark Week clips on YouTube for hours sounds appealing.