Will The Mentors school Hot Damn in dodge ball final?

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The third annual MAWL-sponsored dodge ball tournament commenced at 10 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 17 in the Grand Ballroom with nine teams of six battling for the win.

Brothership, Team Handsome, The Pound Town Experience, The Gentlemen, Ocean’s D, Class 10,000 and Yip K dodged, ducked, dipped and dove, but only The Mentors and Hot Damn will make a bid for the championship Saturday night, Nov. 19. The tournament advanced only those teams besting two out of three games.

Although twice as many teams signed up to play than actually made an appearance, the spectacle drew a sprawling crowd, which more than made up for their absence. MAWL President Madison Leavitt utilized the crowd’s multitude at one point by drawing from its number to create makeshift team Yip K to compete against another team that had no opponent.

“The crowd was huge,” Leavitt said. “They really got in to it.”

A few crews unified themselves “Dodgeball”-style, donning matching outfits.

“One guy was wearing booty shorts and a tight jersey,” said MAWL Vice President Zack Dearing. “It was fun.”

Although the time of day during which the tournament was held precluded many students from competing, MAWL considered the event a success and hopes to sponsor another tourney during the spring semester.

“A lot of people couldn’t play because it was in the middle of the day, but we still got a big crowd. They were really excited,” Leavitt said as she and Dearing tidied up after the bout.

The Mentors and Hot Damn will dodge for the win Saturday, Nov. 19 during UVU’s Homecoming game halftime at the UCCU Center.


By Deven Leigh Ellis

Life Writer

Photos by Gilbert Cisneros