Vegetarians get hungry, too

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The plight of vegans and vegetarians has been a topic of discussion anywhere they reside.


But in addition to that, those who are veggie-conscious are stuck.
It seems that everywhere you could go seems to serve either meat or dairy products with little to no accommodations for those who abstain. According to the following stores, there are enough people in Utah Valley who are vegan and vegetarian to make an effort to offer plenty to variety for these healthy life styles.


Gingers Garden Cafe
Recommended Dish: Grilled Portabella Sandwich
Healthy here is much more than just than food, –it’s a way of being. Even their location emphasizes that. The café is connected to Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop and provides a warm and welcoming  atmosphere. The staff’s flexibility is why Sarah and Becky Davis because return almost every day.
“They know what it means to be healthy here,” Sarah said. “They’re so accommodating. If you’re trying to avoid something, they will prepare the meal any way you want.”
Address: 188 S. Main Street, Springville (Found inside Christopher Herb Shop).


Recommended Dish: Good Karma Pasta (that’s one balanced dish)
Abstract art decorates the interior as if to symbolize how different the menu is. According to its owner Dean Judd, the variety on the menu helps health conscience people inexpensively get their fill. The menu has indicating icons showing if any dish is either vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or omnivore. Further, a new vegan/vegetarian menu is in the works.
“For the past six months we have been working on a new vegan and vegetarian style menu. So look into the future for additional changes we’re making,” Judd said.
Address: 45 East Center Street Provo


Station 22
Recommended Dish: Ratatouille
Richard Gregory, Owner, opened the store to welcome those who wanted a healthy place to eat with variety, taste, and style. This craft-a-sandwich diner greets guests with photography by Trevor Christensen titled “All my friends are monsters.”
“We make sure all our food is healthy and delicious,” Gregory said. “We were tired of seeing places come and go. We liked what Gurus and other places were doing, so we moved in during February and opened six weeks later.”


Address: 22 West Center Street Provo