One Stop stopped for good

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Illustration by Tyler Carpenter

The One Stop circle that has been the main hub for serving students was discontinued as of Nov. 1.

“After careful consideration, and in an effort to improve the student experience, the decision has been made to make a significant change to the One Stop area,” said Andrew Stone, associate vice president of enrollment management, in an email to The Review.  

What was formerly known as One Stop will now exclusively be used to assist students with financial aid and scholarship questions. Other services previously offered at One Stop will continue to be provided but in specialized areas. Admissions will be directed to the Office of Admissions, registration questions to the Office of Registration/Records and tuition and other payments will be sent to the Cashier’s Office. All sections are located on the first floor of the Browning Administration building.

“The change was made because so many things formerly done by One Stop have been moved online,” Stone said. “Our goal is to more effectively serve students by giving them direct access to offices where they can receive the services and answers to their questions more effectively.”  

“I think that the change is healthy for everyone involved,” Sean Van De Graaff, a technology management student, said. “When I need to visit One Stop, it’s because I have one task in mind.  A shorter wait and employees who are more knowledgeable about the subject at hand sounds like a win-win scenario to me.”

New signage indicating the change around campus is in the process of being updated.