NUVI Social Media Command Center offers state of the art technology to students

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Photo by Marcela Violeta

Cuttingedge technology is now available to students as social media mining company, NUVI, joins with UVU  to create the new Social Media Command Center.

Cameron Martin, vice president of university relations, hosted the ribbon cutting of the SMCC Aug. 3 in the Losee Center. Guests included executives from NUVI and members from UVU such as Keith Nellesen, NUVI chairman and CEO Randi Zuckerberg and president Holland.

The center was introduced by demonstrating how the technology analyzes social media in a professional and dynamic atmosphere.

NUVI, a social media marketing company, includes real-time data visualization to provide actionable insights.The SMCC will supply hands-on experiences for students while assisting the business enterprise of UVU. The SMCC features 12 55-inch high-definition monitors, arranged into three groups of four to enable 4K image resolution and a main display with two 85-inch 4K monitors, presenting a center of analytic tools and technologies.

“If we are to adequately and appropriately prepare our students, we should prepare them on how to use and understand social media,” Martin said. According to Martin, this center provides a dynamic level to the school. This center will not only benefit students as they learn and experience on a professional level in this lab, but it will be a business tool for UVU to address issues that are expressed on social media.

This center will provide a “one of a kind experience,” said Makayla Walker, a senior in the communication program.

Every student is encouraged to participate in the SMCC through classes and learning labs, regardless of their major.

“There are a few days that I think will go down in history as being pivotal moments in the institution, and I think this is one of them,” president Holland said at the ribbon cutting ceremony. “We are just at the cusp of seeing what social media is doing to our society, the way we interact with each other, and UVU is on the cutting edge of that today officially, and we will stay at the cutting edge of that because of what is going to happen in this room.”