Nursing students strive to reduce stress levels caused by university work loads

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Illustration by Tyler Carpenter  


Strategies to cope with stressors that affect students were addressed Oct. 30 in the Science Building.

As school workloads increase, stress often follows, according to Preston Batey, a nursing student who hosted the event. They found that students often don’t have the correct tools to deal with stress. Batey suggests becoming self aware and finding time for things that will decrease stress levels.

“The most important thing is to recognize that you are stressed and you have stressors in your life, that is always the first step,” Batey said.

These nursing students define stress as any circumstances when a demand exceeds the body’s ability to cope. This leads to compromised cognition, emotion along with behavioral and physical disturbances. Steps to reducing stress, as found in their research, include identifying stressors, making changes, organizing your life, taking care of yourself, preparing yourself through relaxation techniques and learning to laugh more.

Batey suggested that a key stress-relieving technique is finding enjoyable things that that help with relaxation. He recommended exercise, meditation, yoga, laughing, music, sleep, getting a massage, eating well and practicing positive thinking. Batey encouraged others to consult a medical professional if these things are not working.

“It’s so important to address stress to students,” said Sadie Anderson, a junior music major. “Staying on top of your stress and being aware of your mental state is just going to make you react better in every situation.”

Alexa Harris, a junior communication major, thinks addressing stress is important.

When asked how she currently deals with the stress level of being a student she said “Emotional breakdowns and binge eating.”

The Wellness Center offers one-on-one coaching services as well as activities that are free to students in order to help support a healthy well-being. It is highly recommended by Batey to look at options available through the Wellness Center, as Batey has found there are many types of stress and some can lead to long term negative results on the body and brain functions.