Club Rush: Inside Look

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Excitement buzzed at UVU’s Club Rush, held on Sept. 10-11 in the Grand Ballroom. Club themed booths and representatives answered questions and gave additional  information as they invited students to participate.

“Club rush was really good! There were so many clubs I was a little overwhelmed, but there were quite a few clubs that came and reached out to me. Just talking to different people about their clubs made me want to join their clubs.” 
Chloe Beus, a current UVU student.

The purpose of Club Rush is to help students learn about and get involved with 1 of the 142 clubs registered at UVU. These clubs range from sports, passion projects, service opportunities, belief centered, cultural, and academic clubs. Prizes were offered by the Club Offices to motivate participating students. These prizes ranged from pens, bags, to $5 vouchers for several food trucks that were on campus.

“Club Rush is an awesome opportunity for people to find stuff to be interested in or find their interests and get more involved in them. . . it’s one of the best ways to get to know people within your interest sphere because college is pretty fast, but sometimes if you just slow down and just focus on the stuff that makes you happy, it’s a lot easier to get through, and this is a good opportunity to do that.”
Tyler Cannon, representing the English Conversation Club.

“It helps them with social skills, leadership skills, helps them get out of their comfort zone, and they also get to hang around with people that, y’know, have similar interests.”
Rudy Alba, Club Ambassador President, and current President of the Inter Club Council.

Although Club Rush may be over, the opportunity to join the excitement and find something to be passionate about will be open all year long. 
For more information about these clubs and how to join visit: