Being dazzled by Ferious Oaks

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Standing out can be tricky, especially when every other musician is vying for the same sets of ears.


Innovative material depends on the artists’ ability to be creative and original. But despite their ability, success still depends upon several factors: what has been done with the genre already, what materials were used and how the artist communicates their message.


On Jan. 20at Velour, Ferocious Oaks held a concert for the release of their first album “It’s better this way.” According to Chance Clift, sound and audio technician for Velour and Muse Music, the album was highly anticipated and is noteworthy because “They are a wild sing-along ride.”


Marking their first year together, the band released the “Polyamory” EP in February 2011, teasing their growing fan base and making them beg for a full-length album.


According to lead singer Justin Duckwitz, the EP was always meant to be just a prelude to the album. “We basically planned to make the EP as side ‘B’ for ‘It’s better this way’,” said Duckwitz.


No major concerts or plans for a tour have yet been set. However, Ferocious Oaks plans to start working on a new album. A time line has yet been made for its release.


“We’re excited to get back to square one,” said Duckwitz. “We’ve been working on this album for so long. I really like the creative process and playing the song for people for the first few times.”


In 2010, Duckwitz and percussionist Clayton Godby began the band. They found others were quick to pick up on the ideas behind Ferocious Oaks.


“I never considered being in a band,” said Duckwitz. “After Clayton said I had something, we gained a lot of momentum.”


A variety of instruments are used on stage. For example, a harp, played by Kristen Christensen, is part of what gives this band their edge. According to Duckwitz, because each song sounds so different, a consistent folk-theme has been important, “almost like a glue.”


Ferocious Oaks found their place from the beginning in the hearts of fans. Acting out is a natural expression they are willing to share with all.


“The first time I saw them was outside of Velour, summer 2010, just jamming out on the side walk,” said Clift. “People don’t do that. It was pretty awesome.”

According to Maria Byone of Provo coming to see Justin is her favorite part of the experience. “He seriously makes me laugh whenever he’s up there in the spotlight,” she said.


Ferocious Oaks has such a unique style and sound and if you’ve never heard them before, they will nuzzle themselves directly into the deepest part of your heart. Ferocious Oaks is definitely worth seeing in the spotlight.


By Chris Drew