Battle of the Bands expands student opportunities

Reading Time: 2 minutes Audio Club, Cinematography Club and UVUSA ready resume-worthy Battle of the Bands concert event for Homecoming week.

Reading Time: 2 minutes
On Tuesday, Nov. 27, UVU is adding a competition for the best local band to the mix for this year’s Homecoming Week. The Battle of the Bands concert, which starts at 6:30 p.m. in the Grande Ballroom, is the first UVU-hosted concert of its kind.


Unlike previous Battle of the Bands, UVenue, Open Mic Night and other talent competitions put on by UVUSA, this year’s event is co-hosted alongside the school’s Audio Club and Cinematography Club.


Bands pre-selected by the Audio and Cinematography Club will perform live music and vocals in a competition to impress judges as well as drive the audience response for an opportunity to win the grand prize: a professionally produced demo CD. Also, as part of the entertainment, selected DJs will also battle one another between sets.


Audio Club vice president Brian Parsons explained that the overall vision for the event is “to involve almost all the individual facets of digital media, though the web, film, visual and effects. We are trying to do it all, because in the real world, that’s how it’s done.”


Jared Maruji, fine arts chair and UVUSA representative for the event, also expressed the need for students to demonstrate their skills in the creative fields.


“People don’t know the talent we have,” he said.


Maruji, who has helped run multiple events, including music and other performance genres, recently put on UVU’s first Art Week.


“We had the art hung up so that when people walk by they could appreciate the art that students have . . . I think that’s under-utilized here,” Maruji said.


He further explained his motivation for Battle of the Bands was to do the same in promoting the creative work that students have to offer.


According to Parsons, audio and visual recordings of Battle of the Bands will allow students to show not only the rest of UVU what they have to offer, but that “[the club members] want to put on a production that is so professional looking, that it will make us proud to show it to a future employer.”


Original works performed by bands in front of panel of three judges will be awarded based on a five category point system. However, crowd applause is the most determining factor in who wins.


The lineup of the three judges includes Dane Spencer, record label owner, Corey Fox, owner of Provo’s Velour Live Music Gallery, and UVU’s own audio professor Mike Wisland, who has approximately 20 years of experience in the recording industry.


Parson’s also noted the possible unveiling of a fourth special guest judge who will be announced closer to the event.


Tickets for the event are available for purchase Nov. 1 at Campus Connection, online at http// for $7 or at the door for $10. All proceeds go to UVU Audio Club and Cinematography Club.