A Year in News

Reading Time: 5 minutes What a year it has been! 2022-2023 school year is coming to an end, here are several of the biggest news headlines from the year.

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Former President Trump indicted

Graphic by Kaia McClure

Manhattan District Attorney prosecuting Donald Trump announced the charges that will be brought to the New York State Supreme Court in a press release last week.. 

Trump allegedly falsified New York business records to conceal damaging information and criminal activity from American Voters before and after the 2016 election. 

Trump and other employees allegedly used a “catch and kill” scheme during the election to bury negative information about him to supposedly boost his electoral prospects. In doing so he created dozens of false business records to conceal the unlawful activity and according to the press release, to hide attempts to violate state and federal law. 

For more information on the charges, visit Manhattan District Attorney’s Office official website. 

Written by Wyatt Peterson

Governor Cox approved new state flag

Last month, Utah Governor Spencer Cox approved a new legislature for the rebranding of the state flag. Under the proposed legislation, the current Utah flag would be given “historical” status and three previous versions of the flag would also receive this status.

The decision comes at a crucial period in the state’s history, with the sole intention being to reflect the “shared values” of its current residents more accurately, according to a statement on the official state website. This was also validated by evidence from a recent survey of Utah residents. This was displayed on the state’s official website, which revealed that most of the state’s occupants did not feel like the former flag truly represented them or their interests.

The historic change comes off the back of long, consolidated efforts spanning back to 2019, to change the state’s flag.

The new flag will officially take effect on March 9, 2024.

Written by Daniel Obinyan

The coronation of Charles III

Graphic by Kaia McClure

Eight months have passed since Queen Elizabeth II‘s death, and now King Charles III prepares to take the crown. 

The coronation of King Charles III is scheduled to take place on May 6 at 4 a.m. MST. The ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey in London and be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Alongside the King, Camilla Bowles will be crowned as the Queen Consort. 

This will be the first coronation of a British monarch in 70 years, the last having taken place in July of 1952. During the ceremony, the St. Edward’s Crown, an almost 400-year-old Crown Jewel of Britain, will be used. The same crown was placed on Charles’ mother’s head during her coronation. 

For students who want to watch the event can tune into most major news networks that will be broadcasting the coronation.

Written by Wyatt Peterson

Overview of Microsoft transition

Graphic by Lexi Vassilaros

UVU is currently transitioning from Google and Box workspaces to Microsoft Office applications. Details on the switch were discussed by the UVUSA Student Council and reported on by The Review in February

According to Brett McKeachnie, the senior director of product portfolio management, students will no longer have access to school Google Workspace accounts on Aug. 11, 2023. McKeachnie told The Review that the change is to “make sure everyone has a consistent experience.” 

UVU’s DX Transformations website states that “Students, faculty, and staff may have important actions to be completed as part of the transition away from the MY.UVU.EDU Google Workspace, which will be retired prior to the fall 2023 semester.” Such important actions may include downloading important data linked with any “MY.UVU.EDU” accounts to ensure that nothing gets lost when access is no longer available. 

There is plenty of time to prepare for the change, as UVU has outlined a timeline of events leading up to the Aug. 11 transition. Beginning on March 10, 2023, a 15 GB storage cap was placed on each student’s school Google Drive account. 

On May 6, 2023, the Gmail app will be entirely removed from the UVU.EDU Google Workspace and any new messages or announcements will be redirected to Outlook. All users must only use UVU.EDU to sign into their school accounts. 

Students will still have the ability to download and transfer data from their MY.UVU.EDU accounts until August.

Visit the UVU DX Transformation site for more information on the transition and how it may affect you. 

Written by Lexi Vassilaros

UVU set to build new soccer stadium

In Oct. 2022, it was announced that a brand new soccer stadium will be built at Utah Valley University. The stadium will be called the “UCCU Stadium,” to thank the Utah Community Credit Union for the company’s large donation. 

The soccer stadium is expected to cost around $20 million dollars and will be located west of Clyde Field, according to UVU President Astrid S. Tuminez in the October announcement

Tumeniz expresses gratitude for the UCCU, as they have given the “largest single gift in UVU’s history.” Their contribution is a “multi-year pledge totaling $28.5 million.”

The announcement provided early renderings of what the 22,000-square-foot stadium is expected to look like. 

The stadium will be home to men’s and women’s soccer programs. Teams will also have access to its amenities including locker rooms and lounges for each program. Other amenities will include “visiting team facilities, 400 additional chairback seats, covered plaza seating, 10 luxury suites, and an MLS-style press box with a broadcast box.” 

Details have not yet been provided regarding when construction is set to start or when the stadium will be completed. The Review will continue to update this story as more details come.

Written by Lexi Vassilaros

Axis Apartment shooting follow-up

Six months have passed since a  shooting occurred at the Axis student housing apartment complex in Orem. While no one was killed, it still acts as a reminder of the real fear public shootings have become. 

As reported by Sabryne Kelly in her article, the attack happened during a party hosted in one of the apartments. After the suspect was kicked out, two individuals followed Van-Der-Meid shouting at him. After allegedly firing on the two individuals, Van-Der-Meid fled the scene and buried the gun used in the shooting near the FrontRunner station in Orem. Ten days later Van-Der-Meide turned himself in and was held without bail.
Jozef Richard Van-Der-Meid was charged in December with two counts of attempted murder, a first-degree felony, in the 4th District Court. No information could be found on the length of the sentence to be served, but in the state of Utah, the criminal code states a minimum of three years to life in prison for attempted murder.

Written by Wyatt Peterson