2018 Utah Valley Person of the Year awarded to President Holland

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President Holland was named Utah Valley magazine’s Person of the Year for 2018 on Jan. 8.

Holland’s work as the president of Utah Valley University was illustrated in the award article. From fundraising over 100 million dollars for the university to valuing inclusivity, his influence on the university was highlighted.

“Even though Matt has loved the UVU post and the post has loved him, college presidents don’t generally stay in office for more than a decade,” according to Jeanette Bennett, writer of the Person of the Year article.

“Holland is very personable and welcoming to all he meets,” said Jayme Benson, a behavioral science major. “He has inspired me and other students with his dedication to personal and community growth.”

This is the third annual Person of the Year award given by the magazine, with Holland on the shortlist for 2016 as well.