Unlock your full potential with UVU’s health coaching services 

Reading Time: 3 minutes Health coaching services at UVU are designed specifically for students and provide guidance, support and resources to help achieve health and wellness goals.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

At UVU, it is understood that the demands of student life can sometimes make it challenging to prioritize their well-being and health. Health coaching services aim to help each student find balance and make sustainable choices to enhance their overall well-being.  

What is health coaching? 

Health coaching is a collaborative partnership between the student and a trained coach, focused on empowering you to make positive changes in various aspects of your life, including nutrition, physical activity, stress management and more. Their certified health coaches are experts in behavior change and are dedicated to helping create personalized plans that align with each goal, preference and lifestyle. 

According to Peter Grinspoon in Harvard Health Publishing, health coaching with a health and wellness coach may help anyone improve their life, especially if they have chronic medical concerns. This is like how a sports coach can assist a player to develop and excel at a sport. The coaching method is similar to talk therapy in that it involves two individuals talking about ideas and problems, but it differs in that the person receiving coaching is in charge of setting their own objectives and devising their own plans for achieving them. 

Unlike health fads that come and go, health coaching has strong evidence behind it backing its effectiveness for improving health and well-being. A health coach gets to promote happiness, build resiliency, save people money, and help people live longer and more fulfilling lives at the same time.  

Why choose UVU’s health coaching services? 

Personalized approach: UVU’s health coaches recognize that every student is unique, which is why they work with you one-on-one to develop a tailored plan. Whether you’re looking to improve your eating habits, increase your fitness level, manage stress, or all of the above, our coaches will support you every step of the way. 

Evidence-based strategies: These coaching services are rooted in evidence-based strategies that have been proven to facilitate long-lasting positive changes. You can trust that the guidance you receive is backed by scientific research and expert knowledge. 

Goal-oriented: Setting achievable goals is a crucial part of the health journey. Your health coach will help you define clear and realistic objectives, breaking them down into manageable steps. This approach ensures steady progress and boosts your confidence along the way. 

Accountability and support: Change can be challenging, but you won’t have to navigate it alone. Your health coach will provide consistent encouragement, celebrate your successes, and offer solutions to any obstacles you encounter. 

Accessible services: UVU’s Health Coaching Services are available both in person and virtually, allowing you to engage with a coach in a way that suits your preferences and schedule. 

How to get started 

Schedule a consultation: Begin your health journey by scheduling an initial consultation with one of our health coaches. During this session, you’ll discuss your goals, challenges and interests, laying the foundation for a personalized plan. 

Create a plan: Work closely with a coach to create a plan that outlines each goal and the strategies you will use to achieve them. This plan will be like a road map to success. 

Regular check-ins: Through regular check-in sessions, the coach will monitor each progress, offer guidance and adjust the plan as needed. These sessions are designed to keep students on track and motivated. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your well-being and thrive during your time at UVU. Take advantage of the health coaching services today and embark on a journey toward a healthier, happier you while in college. To schedule your initial consultation or learn more about their services, visit the UVU Health Coaching Services webpage