Reading Time: < 1 minute EATS is an economically safe choice for students looking to eat out on campus.

A picture of the EATS restaurant on campus.Reading Time: < 1 minute

“Everything and Then Some,” or EATS, is an inconspicuous restaurant in UVU’s food court. Located on the second floor of the Sorensen Student Center, EATS boasts cheap à la carte food that comes from UVU’s kitchens.

Jasz Saysanasy, a freshman employee working at EATS, explains further, “It’s part of the UVU dining program. Our chefs make the food and bring it up as part of the catering center.”

The restaurant offers breakfast and lunch, and both can be full meals for under 10 dollars. Keep an eye on the menu, however, since available items may change on a weekly basis. The menu can be found on UVU Dining’s social media.

When asked about the menu, Saysanasy shared some consistent trends about food served. “Breakfast is usually the same. Biscuits and gravy, eggs, hash browns. Lunch always has two soups to choose from and mashed potatoes.”

Warm breakfast items cost around one dollar, including eggs (which remain affordable despite the recent increase in egg products), soups that cost around three dollars, and potatoes that cost around five. 

Unfortunately, however, it seems that EATS goes overlooked. Saysanasy explained, “We’re pretty busy when we open, but then it slows down and not many people come outside of our regulars.”

The hours of operation for EATS follow the average hours of other venues in the food court, being open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Saysanasy recommends EATS, claiming, “It’s good food for cheap.”

Students looking for a quick and delicious place to eat on campus should consider Everything and Then Some. With good food for affordable prices, it’s hard to beat. However, if students are looking for something different, more dining options can be found online.

More UVU food court reviews will be published in The Review through the upcoming weeks.