COVID-19’s impact in UVU

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s been several years since COVID-19 began to affect people’s everyday lives. Students and teachers weigh in on their experiences.

A depiction of the UVU sports logo covered with a medical mask.Reading Time: 2 minutes

COVID-19 came swiftly, and the changes it brought seemed just as sudden. However, unlike its rapid onset, the effects of COVID-19 seem to linger still; almost three years later, many things have changed.

To determine what these changes look like in the lives of those attending UVU, The Review asked students and teachers how COVID-19 has had a lasting effect on them. The insights gained were not expected. 

“Honestly, I haven’t seen many lasting effects,” Teague Shaw, a biochemistry major at UVU stated. “Things seem to have gone back to normal.”

Among professors, the sentiment seems the same. Cole Sanders, an adjunct communications instructor, who has taught at UVU for seven years, explained, “I was there when lockdowns started. We were in the middle of the semester and moved to online classes full-time.”

Sanders continued, “But we’re back in person now. This generation doesn’t seem to have too much of a problem. They’re used to interacting with people.” Sanders also shared the insight that the younger generation may notice problems coming back to in-person interaction since they are used to interacting over technology. 

STEM outreach coordinator Owen Miller hasn’t been at UVU for very long. Having worked on college campuses in California, he shares, “Back in California, there’s still lockdowns that happen. You don’t really see that here. It doesn’t really feel like COVID affected UVU.”

Another student, however, noted some changes that may have gone unnoticed. Patton Maggard, a biochemistry major, shared, “Online classes have become more common. Before COVID, not many people really took online [classes].”

“I also think that because there’s more online classes, there’s more cheating going on,” Maggard continued. “Because it’s online, it’s much easier to cheat.”

In many ways, it even seems that policies based on COVID-19 have quieted down. There haven’t been any messages from UVU about COVID-19 since August 2022.

Although UVU encourages vaccination, it is not required for attendance. Additionally, the university maintains the position that students and faculty should practice caution and safety. More information regarding COVID-19 can be found at this link.
Nearly three years after the onset of what pens “the worst pandemic in American history,” it appears that UVU and its students appear healthy and happy like before. The future is still uncertain, however, with the vast array of reactions to the pandemic; time will tell what the remaining effects may be.