Coping with homesickness 

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There are many ways to alleviate feelings of homesickness during time away from home that are easy to incorporate in an everyday routine. 

College is a period in which there are a lot of new experiences. For many students, college is their first time living away from home for an extended time. It can be quite challenging transitioning from being under the care and concern of guardians and other family members to having to completely take care of oneself as well as juggle rigorous academics. The new environment where someone lives as well as new surroundings at school can be overwhelming and daunting due to the lack of familiarity. This constant feeling can lead to what is referred to as “homesickness.” According to The Jed Foundation, about 94 percent of new college students experience homesickness to some degree in the first 10 weeks spent at college. This feeling is associated with stress, sadness, and anxiety due to a longing for similar or comfortable surroundings. There are many ways to cope with this feeling and to get better acquainted with the new environment. 

Get involved 

There is no better way to get more familiar with the Utah Valley University campus than to dive in and get involved. This can look different for everyone. Whether the individual involves themselves in clubs, intramural sports, or UVU events, there is something for everyone. Connecting interests and building a friendly community at school can help to alleviate disappointing feelings of loneliness. 


If an individual is experiencing feelings of sadness and loneliness, simple daily tasks are often overlooked because the mind will go on autopilot. An article by Mental Health America explains that during these difficult times, it is important to set aside time for self-care. There are many activities that can help to benefit wellbeing, like staying on top of hygiene, exercise, restful sleep, and prioritizing well-balanced nutrition. Try creating and following rituals to feel productive and fulfilled. 

Familiar connections 

Spending time with oneself and fulfilling personal needs can only achieve so much. According to Mental Health America, it is important to stay in contact with loved ones. Make time to communicate with family and friends from home. Through various forms of communication such as social media, phone calls, texting and even video calls, this feeling of familiarity can be enough to boost an individual’s spirits and empower them to accomplish what is needed that day.  

Establishing a routine 

Life can get hectic when learning how to live alone while juggling the responsibility of taking on a college education. It is important for students to find specific routines that they can follow each day to organize all that is expected of them. Mental Health America suggests that individuals should create a realistic routine that allows them to take care of themselves, complete what is expected of them academically, and make time for a social life. Stick to it to feel more successful and fulfilled. 

Try incorporating these tips and see how much it can really impact the college experience. Through multiple different avenues, one can feel the love from others by building a community around them at UVU as well as maintaining the ones they have at home. 

If a student needs professional help due to homesickness, contact UVU Mental Health Services to get the needed help.