A closer look at Tasty Tuesdays

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tasty Tuesdays, a UVU Wellness Programs event, occurs every Tuesday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Located in the Student Life and Wellness Center’s demo kitchen, the event provides free and healthy snacks for hungry students.

Three people stand shoulder to shoulder in UVU's demo kitchen for Tasty Tuesdays.Reading Time: 2 minutes

Are you in the mood for a new recipe or a free healthy snack? Tasty Tuesdays have you covered! Thanks to UVU’s Wellness Programs, grab-and-go snacks ranging from smoothies to other healthy options are available for hungry students every week.

Taking place in the demo kitchen and running from 11 a.m. through 1 p.m. every Tuesday, Tasty Tuesdays are sponsored by UVU Wellness Programs that provide “a little snack and a healthy recipe” for hungry students, according to their website.

Tasty Tuesdays are run by UVU students working as Wellness Programs interns and can provide valuable internship credits, especially for those who strive to graduate in public health, for which internship credits are required. 

One such intern — Alyssa Hammer, a UVU senior studying public health — had interesting details to share about Tasty Tuesdays. When asked about where the recipes came from, Hammer explained, “That’s the cool thing: there is a sign-up sheet, and they let us go free!” Hammer clarified that although the Wellness Programs interns are not “in charge” of Tasty Tuesdays, each intern helps plan at least one of the weekly events, including the healthy, featured food. 

Additionally, when asked if students could recommend their own recipes during Tasty Tuesdays, Hammer responded, “They totally [can]! They [UVU students] could be like, ‘Hey! For a Tasty Tuesday or a Munchie Monday, you guys should try this recipe!’” 

To propose recipe ideas, Hammer recommended sending a message to Kayla Jacobson, UVU’s registered dietician; Kerri Scott, wellness programs director; or Kelly Hendersen, wellness programs manager. 

Tasty Tuesdays is one of several, recurring food-oriented Wellness Programs events at UVU. Similar events are Munchie Mondays, offered every Monday around campus, and the Monthly Cooking Class, held the “first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 in the Student Life (SL) Demo Kitchen,” according to their website

If you are feeling hungry on a Tuesday afternoon, it is your own fault! Next Tuesday, try stopping by the demo kitchen, meeting the interns and trying the delicious food.