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May 2020

Women’s Success Center on Campus- What You Need to Know

Women’s Success Center on Campus- What You Need to Know

This March is National Women’s History Month– come celebrate by visiting the Women’s Success Center on campus. UVU students may have heard of the Women’s Success Center, but what is it for?

“The center is full of people who want to help and assist in making students’ experience the best it can be. Whether it is referring people to helpful resources, building friendships, or helping with the logistics of school, our staff are so eager to help.” 

Rachel Saunders, Program Coordinator of the Women’s Success Center.

Created in 2011 for student advocacy, the Women’s Success Center (WSC) offers support, leadership and coaching to students. Although their services are designed and directed for women, they are available to all students on campus no matter their gender. 

“Being involved in the center can provide networking opportunities, scholarship eligibility, stronger knowledge of campus resources, and leadership opportunities… There is so much that this center provides and it’s wonderful,”

Miriah Kessler, a UVU student majoring in Digital Media and Cinema.

Kessler hopes to join Women Lead, a program provided through the center which builds leadership and organizational skills. She first got involved with the Women’s Success Center as a work study employee with Digital Media and Cinema, utilizing the skills she developed in school to create graphics and videos for the WSC.

Aside from programs offered through the WSC, becoming a member can help students feel included. “The more students become involved, the more friends they meet. I know that when I know people at school (or anywhere else for that matter), it makes going to school more exciting, [to know] that I’m not alone in this,” said Kessler.

Offering scholarships, leadership opportunities, networking, and various activities, the WSC is available to UVU students who are pursuing their education and looking for a community to join. Their office can be located in Room LC- 303, and can be contacted at [email protected]


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