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Top songs about food

Seeing as how we all need food to live, it only makes sense that now and then we sing about it. While some bands like Cake, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Meat Loaf, Peaches, The Cranberries and Korn seem to like food enough that they name themselves after it, the usual route is to simply write a song.

There is beauty all around us

Luis Pino, a Chilean immigrant with a gift for capturing nature at its best through his photography, will be featured in an exhibition at the Covey Center for the Arts entitled “There is Beauty All Around Us.” Kathryn Allen and the committee that selects the applicants, found his work remarkably real and expressive of what this state is most known for: breathtaking nature.

Staff infection

What food do you never tire of eating? Cheese!!!! All kinds. With or without fruit (especially pears), crackers, bread, pasta, eggs, apple pie, anything that tastes naked without cheese is actually just in need of that special touch. – Robbin Anthony, Office manager I could eat saltines all day long and eventually die of malnourishment.