Susan Clercx

New music alert

Baton Rouge-based band Benjy Davis Project opened a window to their world with the November 4 album release, Dust, melding elements of folk, country, and pop into a sound that practically begs to be played on a cross-country road trip. The folk-anthem style is reminiscent of sun-bleached memories and over-grown prairie grasses tucking in the dusty back-roads at sunset while the warm breeze carries wisps of hair across your face in a place where everyone knows your name.

Get your ugly on

The holiday season is upon us, but don’t get too cozy. The holidays are filled with not-so-fond memories of unsightly holiday sweaters, family-portrait Christmas card sessions, and the nag, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” As college students, it is our duty to take the lemons of the season and make lemonade.

Generation Text

Now more than ever, teachers are feeling pressure nationwide to emphasize basic literacy skills to counteract the stunting effects of growing up in what can only be described as Generation Text, which have taken a firm hold on formal academic writing skills by the time students have reached middle-school age.

Blood battle between schools

In an effort to stimulate blood donation among Utah college students, in addition to meet record-high demand, the American Red Cross has teamed up with UVU volunteers and pitted them against the similarly equipped Weber State in an epic “Blood Battle” between the state’s two newest universities to see which will donate more blood.