Author: Samuel Tuinei

Negotiating with North Korea, understanding the method behind the madness

Photo by Maricel Evangelista North Korea’s current negotiating tactics were addressed by award-winning Department of Defense executive and former CIA negotiator, Alan Liotta, Nov. 15 in the Classroom Building. Liotta addressed questions many have about North Korea, such as its relationship with Russia and China, possible reunification with South Korea, the legitimacy of their threats and what the United States should do in retaliation. He shared many personal experiences regarding his time as a negotiator with North Korea, each story shedding light on the country’s enigmatic policies and values. Understanding Kim Jong-un’s actions depends largely on an understanding of...

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Sexual assault proves to be an issue even in happy valley

Photo by Sammie Jo Raymond With 2015 studies showing the amount of reported rapes in Utah exceeding the national average, a group of UVU students and faculty members met together to discuss the prevalence of sexual assault in Utah Oct. 11 in the Sorensen Center. The discussion was held as part of the Real Talk program, which provides the chance to debate current social events in a safe and respectful setting. Topics ranged from statistics about sexual assault in Utah, as well as rape prevention, rape culture and other cultural influences regarding sexual assault. Many in attendance seemed surprised...

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National issues discussed at Constitution Week lectures

Illustration by Tyler Carpenter Scholars and students gathered for four different panels to discuss free markets, property takings, economic policy in the era of President Trump and more as part of the Constitution Week Conference Sept 21. The panelists consisted of scholars from diverse political backgrounds which allowed for open and inclusive conversations. The Trump administration is not going to cut spending but will cut taxes and the debt will get worse, according to Michael Tanner, domestic policies scholar, during the final panel discussion. Tanner discussed the 82 trillion dollars of U.S. implicit debt which consists of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. “We are partying and making you pay the bill,” Tanner said in regards to older American’s spending and the younger generation having to pay the debts later. Julius Krein, an American conservative political writer, editor and panel speaker disagreed with Tanner saying the debt issue doesn’t matter and is much more complex than many think. Eminent Domain law was also discussed as part of a series of lectures. Eminent Domain law is the inherent power reserved by the government to acquire private land by forced sale for public purposes on the condition that “just compensation” is provided to the original owners. The speakers not only addressed the historical significance of Eminent Domain law, but also provided modern context, allowing students to understand how these laws might affect...

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