Author: Loran Cook

Top 10 wits

To perpetuate the known cliche that laughter is the best medicine, here’s my top 10 wits of all time. 1. Oscar Wilde, who on his deathbed was heard to say, “Either those curtains go, or I do.” 2. Samuel Beckett – “We are all...

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Art school drop-out

At age 16 I decided that academia was not for me (something I have since recanted), and went off for a year of art school. I felt I was too much of a free spirit to be reined in by the local higher education and college...

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Oh comic’s, comic’s, how far you’ve come.

Comic books have had a bad rap in the past. Viewed exclusively as the medium for young, male nerds, geeks and fan boys, comics have not been taken seriously as an art form or as respectable literature. We need not look any further than The Big Bang Theory for familiar stereotypes.

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