Author: Lindsey Nelson

UVU ballet dancers shine nationwide

Coveted awards and scholarships were swept up by dancers and choreographers in the two ballet companies that consider UVU their home at the Regional Dance America National Festival in Montreal, Canada. “Art does not flourish in isolation,” claims Regional Dance America. “It grows in an atmosphere of candor and understanding.” Think about the number of ballet studios in America, forming professional and pre-professional companies, blooming with ability and sharing the blossoms with the community out of which it was born. Regional Dance America (RDA) is a national organization composed of more than 85 ballet companies in the U.S. and Canada. In its 50 years, dozens of members have been professional groups of national acclaim. The five regions of RDA are Midstates, Northeast, Pacific, Southeast and Southwest. Each spring, the foremost dance companies in each region join together in five different regional dance festivals. Every four to five years RDA holds a National Festival, bringing the finest of its 3,000 dancers together. It is a time of accelerated learning and growth when dancers, directors, choreographers, costumers, and others meet to be hosted by a certain RDA ballet company for classes and collaboration, association and application, appreciation and, of course, competition. Elizabeth Stott is the proud artist behind the only piece from the Pacific region to be accepted to perform at the national festival, according to Shayla Bott, lecturer for the...

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Breaking the law to liberate the animals

UVU’s Animals and the Law Conference may have been under secret FBI surveillance, with animal rights activist Peter Young as the primary target.   At the conference, held April 5 and 6, attendees were given an evaluation form in order to rate each speaker on various criteria. One of the evaluation sheets that was turned in had the following in the comments section:   “Peter – my position is difficult and I can’t reveal myself, but I need to warn you – you are being watched at this event by the FBI (as well as the other key participants)....

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An intimate look inside a classic: The Nutcracker Ballet

It was dark backstage.   The blue, yellow and red lights flooded the stage from the wings and reflected a multi-hued rainbow on the backstage full-length mirror. My heart was racing and I thought I might choke on the flurry of butterflies in my stomach, but I had practiced long and hard for this role.   I secured the hooks on my tutu for the ninth time. I rolled up onto the tips of my pointe shoes and they felt perfect. Many of us used model airplane glue on the inside of the toe shoe to prevent it from...

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Animals have the right to live

How often does a child watch Charlotte’s Web, or the film Babe, cheering for the pigs Wilber and Babe to live, only to have the film end and their parents take them to McDonalds? There was even a Babe-themed Happy Meal at one point.   Faith Outreach, an interfaith council, was held by the U.S. Humane Society in Washington D.C., Nov. 10 and 11. In an attempt to gather animal activists from as many different religious backgrounds as possible, The Humane Society recruited the best animal advocate from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Dr. Chris...

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