Author: Kenechi Uzor

The Benefits of Religion

When God began dying sometime ago during the Age of Reason, many thought this was the best thing to happen to humanity. With the death of God in society, no longer would humans be limited and censored by the Church and its many dictums and doctrines. Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher, declared that God had died and with the death of God, humans had become free, had become a law to themselves and could do whatever they pleased. Blame was placed on religion for all the ills in society and many began the call for a separation of church...

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Opinions matter when they are expressed

Consider pets and how they express their opinions. Dogs, for example, express their opinions by barking or wagging their tails. Cats express theirs when they purr and meow. These animals do not relent until they get attention. We all have opinions, but these opinions matter only when we express them, and we need to keep expressing them until we are heard. Our ability to express our opinions is among the reasons we are at the top of the ladder in the hierarchy of beings. Humans differ from other animals because we express ourselves using language. When Aristotle wrote that...

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The NAACP is not just for people of color

  On Jan. 15, 2018, the Utah Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) held its annual memorial luncheon in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. A number of students, including two from UVU, received scholarship awards at the event. Due to the words in the organization’s name, perhaps not many people are aware that the NAACP is a civil rights non-profit group interested in equal rights and justice for all, not just for “colored” people.  The first objective on the first page of the organization’s constitution asserts that the NAACP exists “to ensure...

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International students and the challenges with American social norms

UVU is poised to receive a fresh batch of international students for the 2018 Spring semester. With the expected advantages of inclusion and diversity, not to mention the revenue the school stands to gain from the international students, it is easy to overlook the challenges these incoming students will face as new arrivals in America. One of these challenges that often escapes attention is the difficulty international students face with the social etiquette of America. According to Steve Crook, UVU’s director of International Student Services, there are about 1000 international students at UVU. These students are managed by UVU...

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America: All the lights we do not see

Tragedy and bad news have a way of exaggerating themselves in our minds until it seems that evil is triumphing over good. With tragedy being the most of what we see and hear, it is easy for many to go blind to all the good things that outnumber the bad. For every life lost, there are millions saved. For every failure, there are an untold number of successes. Being alive itself, against all the odds of this world, is a remarkable feat that many fail to celebrate. Here in America, there is so much good we do not see,...

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