Jessica Burnham

An Escape from Mainstream Cinema

“International cinema allows people to learn about different cultures, customs, languages and arts,” says Mark Olsen, the coordinator of integrated and interdisciplinary studies at UVU and cinema studies club advisor. Many students are unaware that the cinema studies club offers free admission to international films in LI 120 on Thursdays from 7 to 9:30.

Knowledge initiates change

Tanya Brown, the ex sister-in-law of O.J. Simpson, recently spoke on campus about domestic violence prevention. Brown holds a bachelor’s in counseling psychology and has completed one year of her master’s degree. UVU REVIEW had the opportunity to sit down with Brown and ask about domestic violence and her personal views on the O.

The Bird that Cannot Fly

“Andrew Bird is easy to appreciate musically because his style is so completely innovative that he is not comparable to any other artist,” said UVU student and recent concert attendee Benjamin Buxton. With the release of his new album Noble Beast on Jan. 20, Andrew Bird has proven himself once again.

Embracing individual differences

The Body Image Fair was held in the Hall of Flags Feb. 25 through Feb. 26 in an effort to raise awareness in regards to physical well-being and healthy self-perception. The fair was largely produced by Pilar Steele, a BYU graduate who is now interning in the UVU Student Health services department.

Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

“Some of my earliest memories are of mixing cookie dough.” says Megan Faulkner Brown, founder of The Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakeshop, “Since childhood I have had a profound love for sweets.” Dessert-lovers will be delighted to hear that The Sweet Tooth Fairy Bake Shop is now open for business.

Got Couch?

While exploring Europe for six months last year, native Australian Lauren Smith had experiences which ordinary tourists and backpackers alike would envy. “I hiked up the French Pyrenees mountains and spent the night partying in a 200-year-old abandoned villa,” Smith said.