Jena van Frankenhuijsen

Saving the world, one plate at a time

Reading Time: 3 minutes One World Everybody Eats Cafe is an idea whose time has come. Upon entering you will notice a sign, Ways to eat at One World: 1. Create a plate, donate a fair, respectable amount similar to other restaurants. 2. Please be fair: if you are on a smaller budget, ask for a plate for $ X amount.

Fancy a spot o’ tea?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Take a step back in time and a jump over to England as you walk into the lavishly decorated “parlour” of the Beehive Tea Room. The decor is Victorian eclectic style, which sets the perfect ambiance for Afternoon Tea. One may enjoy a simple lunch of soup and a sandwich, or perhaps a coffee and cake.

Benvenuto in Italia

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the heart of downtown Provo, you can be just a step away from Tuscany. No need for a passport; Gloria’s Little Italy Restaurant brings Italy right to you, literally. Almost everything in the kitchen is imported from Italy, including the antipasti, Misto Della Casa.