Attendance Policies: Are they a benefit?

September 20, 2010

Reading Time: 2 minutes Should students be allowed to miss classes they are paying for? Is there more to the requirement of attendance than patronizing or micromanaging students? Perhaps it seems unjustified that teachers can fail a student based solely on attendance records, especially when students are dishing out their hard-earned cash or getting thousands of dollars into debt […]

Students can find relief through accessibility services

September 13, 2010

Reading Time: 3 minutes Figuring out classes and getting used to new schedules takes some time, so the first couple weeks of school can be stressful. Yet for students with disabilities, it can be even more difficult. Some students require accommodations for physical conditions. In order to accommodate wheelchairs in classrooms, a student may request a table rather than […]

Construction continues and students adjust

September 13, 2010

Reading Time: 2 minutes For many students, the bottlenecked PE hallway has changed their route or even the location of their classes. So what do students think about it and what does the school have to say? The hallway will open up into the foyer of the science building. The hallway, however, will be closed until the science building […]

New student center will be a blessing

September 7, 2010

Reading Time: 2 minutes A recent decision made by the Utah state board of regents approved of the proposed Student Life and Wellness Center and parking structure. The building and parking structure will be erected in the employee parking lots south of the library. Any parking spots destroyed by construction will be replaced by the new parking structure, which […]