Author: Camille Beecroft

UVU’s new bachata club kicks things off with a hip-swinging start

  UVU’s newly hatched Bachata club held their first grand opening club event in the Grande Ballroom Feb. 3. Created through a love and need of latin dance, club president Margarita Aguilar and faculty advisor Jose Santiago were ecstatic at the turnout for their first event, despite the fact that it took a while to get the ball rolling. “This club was created at club rush a week and a half ago, and this is our first activity,” Santiago said. “So [the club officers] are very brave to have an activity already so we’ll see what happens. Also, with...

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UVU student changes lives through non-profit Days for Girls

  During the 2017 fall semester, Maggie Tobar, a proud El Salvadoran senior majoring in community health, started volunteering at the non-profit Days for Girls as part of a social services assignment. “Days for Girls is an international non profit that has a purpose to educate others regarding feminine hygiene, provide health education and generate income-generation opportunities through enterprise programs with the women in the communities,” Tobar said. She explained how many young girls around the world would have to miss school or work when they were on their periods because they lacked the proper hygienic materials that allowed...

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Gain experience publishing with student journals

One of the best ways to publish your work and beef up your resume is to participate in a student-run undergraduate journal. Whether you’re an author submitting an assignment you worked hard on last semester, or you’re interested in seeing what the world of publishing and editing is like, working with a publication can give you invaluable experience. UVU has numerous journals from many disciplines that  are aimed at helping students  experience the publication process before graduating. “Working with the student journals has had an enormous impact on my undergraduate experience at UVU,” said Meghan Flinders, UVU senior and...

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Brazilian culture celebrated at UVU

Carlos Figueiredo, President of the UVU Brazilian Club, organized a Brazilian culture night with the help of the International Student Council in the hopes of introducing Brazilian culture to the students of UVU, Jan 20. The event consisted of free Brazilian appetizers and desserts such as delicious chocolate balls called brigadeiros and sweet coconut infused goodies called beijinhos-which translates to “little kisses”. Other popular foods served were the cheese balls, often found at Tucanos, and the teardrop-shaped appetizers called coxinhas that consisted of shredded chicken covered in dough that was battered and fried, in other words, deliciousness. The evening...

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Latino Initiative celebrates El Día de los Reyes at UVU

The international, non-profit dance group Viva El Folklore performed at UVU to celebrate Día de los Reyes Jan. 13. With the women dressed in beautiful, colorful gowns and the men in handsome, mariachi themed outfits wearing black felt sombreros, one felt as if the culture of Mexico came alive through the music and dancing that was displayed on stage. Día de los Reyes — also known as Epiphany in other Christian countries such as the US and England — is commonly celebrated Jan. 6 and is a celebration held in honor of the Three Wise Men who brought gifts...

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