Relieve stress by joining the Yoga Club

In September of 2009, adjunct instructor Russell Lee organized the university’s first yoga club. Lee started the club because he wanted others to learn about yoga, have opportunities for students to take classes and simply because he enjoys teaching yoga. Being interested in all different styles of teaching, he also wanted to learn more about […]

Internships, resumes and job hunting

Getting on-campus help to find an off-campus job Students go to school for several semesters, write hundreds of papers and spend countless hours studying; yet, what happens after graduation hinges on the time taken to sharpen resume and interview skills. The Office of Internship Services and The Career Development Center can assist students with resumes, […]

All about Ology

Across the freeway is a place called Ology, which is a place where students can go to get their math classes done quickly and transfer their credits to another school. Students enrolled in Ology do not have to take and pay for lower level classes that do not count towards graduation and they go to […]

No means No

Violating rights is dating violence Dating violence comes in the forms of sexual assault, physical violence and verbal, emotional, or mental abuse. When one person on a date or in a relationship violates the other’s rights, it becomes dating violence – something that no one hopes to deal with, but which happens. If someone has […]

Money for speaking

Annual competition awards best speeches Public speaking is not easy for everyone and it takes a lot of practice. On March 10, the Marie Clegg-Jones Speech Contest will give students a chance to fine-tune their skills. Communications Professor Janet Colvin, who is helping coordinate the contest, commented on the chance for experience afforded by such […]

How an Advisor Can Help You

When students aren’t sure what to do with their life, advisors are there to offer help and assist in which direction they should go. It is suggested that students go prepared and schedule appointments in advance unless it’s during the advisors regular walk-in hours. Students can get the most out of their meetings when they […]

Women in Technology

What was cutting edge in technology a year ago is slow today. Two years is old and five years is obsolete. With most businesses in the world becoming more tech savvy, it is more and more important to know how to work with technology. This is the idea behind Women In Technology. WIT is an […]

Local chapter gives students a leg up

The PRSSA club helps public relations students succeed Boasting a top ten national ranking and the prestigious Star Chapter award, UVU’s PRSSA chapter has a lot to offer students. PRSSA, or the Public Relations Student Society of America, is the nation’s largest PR organization. UVU’s chapter provides hands-on experience for students interested in the field […]