TIPS For Graduation

If you’re like most students, you pictured yourself graduating from college, heading off to your moneymaking job, moving into your own apartment and starting your new life in the ‘real world.’ Instead, the job hasn’t shown up, you can’t afford an apartment and you’re moving back in with your parents. Hopefully this will be a […]


Sept. 24, 2012    Traditions, social norms and stereotypes are inevitable wherever we go, and when something goes against the grain, it makes people uncomfortable. UVU has its own social norms, influenced by the dominant religion present in Utah Valley. The stereotypical male in Utah Valley is clean-cut and the stereotypical female is conservatively dressed. […]

For the health of it

What would we do without the egg? It’s a staple for breakfast, a stand in for a quick supper or snack, a holiday tradition and an ingredient in many sweet and savory dishes. With so many uses, one would assume the egg has always been held in high regard, but for many years the egg […]

For the health of it

The time for college basketball to consume our lives is here. From now until the end of March, you’re likely to find yourself surrounded by friends and family gathered around the television supporting your favorite team. And while you’re busy checking your March Madness brackets, you’ll probably be munching away on snacks and treats that […]

For the health of it

Yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 years and, more currently, by millions of Americans. I think it’s safe to say that yoga is anything but a trend. People can’t get enough of the mental and health benefits yoga has to offer. The hustle and bustle of so many Americans’ lives is makes setting aside […]

The art of making money

Josh Colby wakes up at 7 a.m. every morning. He goes to the gym then rushes to his first class at 10. After a full day of school and homework, he heads over to the Provo plasma center to trade his plasma for cash. Because of Colby’s busy school schedule, 19 credits, he had to […]

HeadCase Sound makes noise at UVU

Music has been used as a form of communication and expression for centuries. The strum of a guitar string, the vibrato in a singer’s voice and the precision of a piano cord all have the power to touch people in ways that no other medium can, and through the years, music has proven to be […]