Will hand sanitizer do the job?

Will hand sanitizer do the job?

The halls are now populated with dozens of hand sanitizer stations dispensing the clear liquid that is supposed to save you from a debilitating week of missed classes resulting from swine flu. It seems self-explanatory what a hand sanitizer should do for you – sanitize your hands; in other words, get rid of all the […]

UVU Digs deep for Young Cancer Patient

A young Provo girl with brain cancer has become the focus of three charitable events to be held at UVU. The proceeds of ticket sales at the women’s soccer and volleyball games and a benefit concert put on by J.R. Richards, lead singer of Dishwalla, will go toward her recovery. Hannah Laursen, a 9-year-old girl […]

Law School Anyone?

For many UVU students planning on continuing their education after their bachelors, there is help on campus from councilors able to point them in the right direction. But for those students planning on attending law school after graduation, they have an expert at their beck and call. UVU is the proud home to one of […]

Hi, I’m a Mac

Hi, I’m a Mac I’m proud to be a Mac for so many reasons I can’t count and new reasons pop up every day. Macs just work. My computer and its operating system are made by the same company,  making a beautifully seamless harmony between hardware and software. The Mac OS is the most advanced […]

Gearing up for voter registration

Bringing the political process to Utah Valley University could not have better advocates than Miss UVU and the Student Government Chief Justice. In an effort to increase the number of students registered to vote this November, Tom Merrill, UVU’s student Chief Justice, teamed up with Christina Lowe, Miss UVU, to register students for the upcoming election.