Hi, I’m a Mac

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Hi, I’m a Mac

I’m proud to be a Mac for so many reasons I can’t count and new reasons pop up every day.

Macs just work. My computer and its operating system are made by the same company,  making a beautifully seamless harmony between hardware and software.

The Mac OS is the most advanced operating system on the market running on a solid UNIX core that has zero viruses. Can PC’s say the same? If its not enough of a hassle to remove a virus, its even more of a hassle keeping up with the latest virus protection software. Did I mention Macs don’t get viruses?

Everything from your web browser  and video editing software is made by the same company that sold you your keyboard, screen and CPU and they are specifically designed to take full advantage of every ounce of power your computer has to offer. Microsoft makes PC’s operating system and Dell, Gateway, Acer, eMachines, HP etc., are making the hardware. Can they really be successfully collaborating at all levels?

PC Magazine rated Macs #1 in customer support. Walk into an Apple store and you have a Mac Genius at your beck and call. PC support? Who do you call, Microsoft or Dell?

PC World rated Macs #1 in reliability which, no doubt, has something to do with the fact that all updates, software and security, come from the same place.

Innovation drives Macs, and PC’s are years behind. Everything from unibody aluminum (probably bullet proof) laptops and magnetic safety release power cables to battery life that last almost an entire work day make it a no-brainer that Macs are rated #1 in customer satisfaction.

Did I mention that iTunes, another Mac product, is the #1 music store in the world? iTunes, along with the rest of the iLife software that comes standard on every mac, turns your computer into the command center for your digital life. Macs make creating and organizing music, movies, pictures and the web as easy as it is to decide to buy one.

But let me say something good about PC’s. The best part about PC’s are, of course, that without them we really wouldn’t know how good we as Macs truly are.

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