Finish It! “The Inferno” by Dante Alighieri

So, ideally, this book should probably be reviewed along the whole “The Divine Comedy.” Yet such a review would take pages, and “The Inferno” provides more than enough on its own to merit a solitary review. The book’s adventure really begins as Dante, with Virgil as his guide, begin their descent down the circles of […]

BLOG: New science building approved

It’s a good time to be a scientist at UVU. Recently, Utah’s House and Senate approved a bill that will give UVU a new state-of-the-art science building. Though the cost of this building is around $45 million, the bills approval is in large part due to the fundraising and petitioning efforts of the UVUSA College […]

Equaleyes yourself: Idaho jam-band coming to Utah

Equaleyes, a jam-rock band from Idaho, will be gracing Salt Lake City soon with their diversified sound. Their music, as lead singer and guitarist Jeff Crosby says, is centered on creating positive experiences. “With our music, we try to convey a sense of togetherness, having a good time and freedom,” Crosby says. And certainly freedom […]

Math woes

If you’re like me, you don’t care for math too much. I mean, you probably see its utility and everything, but know that it’s an area best left for people like Matt Damon who are actually good at it. But, as a college student, you can’t just shove math away—it’s required before you can graduate. […]

Correctionary: This week’s word – Natural

What is natural and what isn’t? This is an interesting question because within the public sphere there are many assumptions about what constitutes natural behavior, and many attempts to justify arguments by appealing to nature. Unfortunately, this is often an incorrect usage of the word. One reason for constant misuse of naturalistic arguments might be […]

Hot tunes for 2010

Get ready, music aficionados; a whole slew of rock albums are yet to be released in 2010 — ones that are just waiting to be either legitimately purchased or pirated. Shooting from the hip, I will break down just some of the notable albums that are set to come out. Foo Fighters The word is […]

Students on stamps

For an increasing number of students, food stamps have become a necessity for living. “I went to the government for help with groceries when I was pregnant,” said Mel Sundquist, a student at UVU who is on the WIC program. “WIC is a supplement – it does not provide enough food for your entire diet. […]

BLOG: Jobless? Check out these listings

Are you down on your luck these days with employment? Have no fear! The UVU Review is here to help you out. Below are some job listings, courtesy of UVU Career Services and Student Employment. In-N-Out Burger Address: 601 W Main St American Fork, UT 84003 Contact: Apply online, pay starts at $10/hr Vangent […]

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