Math woes

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The tutors in the Math Lab are heaven sent. Trent bates / UVU Review

The tutors in the Math Lab are heaven sent. Trent bates / UVU Review

If you’re like me, you don’t care for math too much. I mean, you probably see its utility and everything, but know that it’s an area best left for people like Matt Damon who are actually good at it.

But, as a college student, you can’t just shove math away—it’s required before you can graduate. You can dodge the responsibility of taking it for a while by enrolling in yoga classes, but it’s always there lurking in the background until you accept your fate. That said, here are a few simple ways you can tackle the math mammoth.

Get to know the professor—He/she is cool and wants to show you how much fun math can be but you just didn’t know it. Humor him/her. Show genuine interest if it’s an ‘A’ you want.

Pick a good professor—Math is much more bearable when you have a teacher who can explain math to people who don’t like it.

Math lab—I got through my math courses thanks to the math lab. A guy named Seth helped me a lot. If you’re still there Seth, thanks again. The math lab is a free service, but I suggest leaving tips on the table.

Math groups—Like most burdens in life, math is best shared with or dumped onto others.

Back of the book—God bless the back of the book! Inside are many of the answers… at least for the odd numbers.

Join the math club—Besides getting free pizza, it might help you get more resources so you don’t suck at math so bad.

Pick a personal math hero—Einstein, Descartes, Pythagoras, Hawking, The Count; all good math hero choices. Having a math hero will inspire you in your quest.

Take a math review course—Students can choose to take MAT 90R, an individual review course, to sharpen their math skills before the rumble begins.

So bite the bullet already. Face the mighty quantasmic foe with a quiver full of tenacity. If you fail the course, get up and try again. Pretty soon, you’ll be partying it up in paradise—MATH FREE.