Carrot confusion

I must be honest, I’m not a nutritionist, and can only speak from my personal experience of being vegan. (Luckily for you, there is a qualified person, Janae Wise, who will be speaking Feb. 9 on this subject.) In these past six years I’ve heard lots of myths about veganism, as well as lots of […]

Response to vandalism

I must preface this opinions piece by saying that I take full authorship of these comments and that they may not necessarily represent the whole of the Revolutionary Students Union. The RSU is a non-tendency club that welcome all tendencies of anti-capitalism, so I don’t speak for all of its members. The RSU is under […]

Is it just me or are these Utah Dairy Council ads being ran in the Review a little unnerving?

What has two eyes, two ears, two ovaries and is subject to routine rape? If you answered dairy cows, you are correct. How else do you think dairy cows are able to consistently give milk? Cows don’t get to “do it” the old fashioned way, instead dairy farmers artificially inseminate the cows by collecting the semen from the bulls and injecting it straight into the females.