Is it just me or are these Utah Dairy Council ads being ran in the Review a little unnerving?

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What has two eyes, two ears, two ovaries and is subject to routine rape? If you answered dairy cows, you are correct. How else do you think dairy cows are able to consistently give milk? Cows don’t get to “do it” the old fashioned way, instead dairy farmers artificially inseminate the cows by collecting the semen from the bulls and injecting it straight into the females. Now you may wonder what happens to the offspring from this little fiasco? Answer, they become veal calves that are chained to the ground and kept completely immobile for the remainder of their four month existence. The milk that would normally go to nurture mother cows offspring, is sold to humans. Instead the calves get an iron deficient diet to make their bodies tender.

Milking cows is definitely not the idealized process where the farmer sits down with a bucket and relieves the cow of her bursting udders. Instead, they hook up vacuum tubes to the each udder, and let those suck the milk out of her. This causes swollen udders which leads to sores. The sores become infected and pus gets into the supply. This is what you get from industrial capitalism. Quick, efficient exploitation.

So when viewing ads from the Utah Dairy Council for “Stewards of the Land,” keep in mind the horrific process that provides you with the product you savor. Their website is curiously devoid of any pictures of the farms where these cows are raised and milked. What’s worse is that they are playing the socially conscious card: “If you buy our product, you are doing your part to help out the environment.” We really need to challenge the assumption that companies like this should even exist in the first place.

Dairy has to be one of the worst things for human consumption. Loaded with animal fat, hormones, antibiotics, pus, and bacteria. Each glass you drink makes you fatter and hinders your immune system. The very fact that they claim to use nine million cows more efficiently then 26 million only goes to show that they are giving these cows some serious drugs to pump out that much milk. Also, at what point should there ever be nine million cows? It makes you wonder how much of the agriculture sector goes into feeding and watering that many cows.

In short, dairy is rape, unnecessary for humans to survive, and should be reserved for mothers to nurture their children. Go Vegan.