Author: Camilla Stimpson

Students enter our nation’s capital

Utah Valley University’s Internship Services offers many different internships, but one program in particular seems to be taking the spotlight more than others. Presentations can be heard, open houses can be attended and signs and banners can be seen throughout the school talking about the “D.C. Experience.”   Internships in Washington D.C. are offered through UVU. Students who are accepted receive the chance to go to the nation’s capital and live in housing provided by the university. Students have the opportunity to do a Congressional Internship, which is the most popular and most competitive internship. Students may work in the Smithsonian, Holocaust Museum, The White House, American Journalism Center and other museums and businesses.   “There’s a variety,” said Jordan Guinn, Internship Services employee. “We have so many opportunities for students, that every student can find a fit.”   It comes as no surprise that internships are encouraged, and even a requirement, for some majors.   “55 percent of students graduate and can’t get a job,” Guinn said. “You have to make yourself competitive.”   The D.C. Internships provides students with that opportunity outside of Utah.   “Students who have done these kinds of internships in D.C. come back so excited,” said Marsha Haynes, director of Internship Services. “I would say more than half of our students that have done our internships in D.C. end up with jobs back...

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