Nadine Wimmer Speaks at UVU

Reading Time: 3 minutes The importance of education is emphasized in Deanie Wimmer’s speech aimed at students.

Reading Time: 3 minutes



Around 100 students showed up to the Ragan Theater on Wednesday, Nov. 14 to hear Nadine Wimmer, Anchor Reporter for KSL Channel 5 News, speak on the “Importance of Education.”


K.D. Taylor, Dean of University College, helped arrange for Wimmer to come, along with UVUSA. Taylor chose the topic, “Importance of Education,” because it was a subject both UVU and the University College support.


“We are all about Utah students getting their education and meeting their education goals,” Taylor said.


Wimmer herself showed passion for education during her speech, during which she presented lessons for all education levels and discussed the Read Today literacy initiative.


“I hope that [attendees] are inspired to know that they can set goals and accomplish them,” said Wimmer. “So often people think that the things they want in life are unreachable, and they’re really not. They have a path to get them.”


Wimmer presented four primary lessons, all relating to education that could help students achieve success.


One lesson Wimmer talked about how “perseverance pays,” touching on how her persistence through challenges she faced in school and in life have led to a successful career and education.


“There have been some things I have desperately wanted in life that I never got on the first, or second or third try,” Wimmer said.


Wimmer used the example of her experience trying to be an intern for KSL. Though KSL was not providing internships at the time, she continually asked for one until an internship program was finally created.


Her personal story seemed to help students relate. Amy Vargas, a freshman at UVU, said, “What she said motivated me . . .I was able to connect.”


Wimmer spoke about how work and education can be an equalizer. She said both, especially graduation and education, are essential to be successful.


“In this global economy…the more you can learn is so important to keeping your skills fresh… and to keeping you competitive. I just can’t say that enough,” said Wimmer.


Wimmer said that Utah has the lowest percentage of women who graduate. She encouraged everyone, emphasizing women, to graduate with a college degree.


“The message for you is to graduate,” said Wimmer. “You need to graduate… [The State Workforce Services] will tell you, you cannot earn a livable wage for a family of four…without a college degree.”


Because of this, Wimmer stated a college degree will benefit students in the long run.


She encouraged students to participate in internships. Many interns do not put in extra time or effort, Wimmer said of her experience, and those who land jobs are the interns who go the extra mile.


“Those are the ones that get hired, because they put in the extra work,” she said.


Vargas agreed with Wimmer about the importance of internships.


“People don’t really take the advantage,” said Vargas, “They don’t want to learn, they just want to get to it. A true internship isn’t an internship if there isn’t learning involved.”


For students struggling with a career path, Wimmer encouraged them to explore and get involved.


Wimmer also discussed ‘Read Today,’ an initiative which she says has been one of the most satisfying things up to this point in her career.


Starting out as an awareness campaign to encourage students to read, ‘Read Today’ has partnered with a number of organizations and businesses to send tutors into over 2,600 Utah students at local schools to improve their reading in 2011.


Vargas was influenced by ‘Read Today’ herself, after the program came to her elementary school and helped her class.


“It actually helped me a lot,” Vargas said. “I never fell behind and I’m actually pretty on top when it comes to grade level reading.”