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Reading Time: 2 minutes Get your work published or volunteer as an editor at one of the many different student publications around UVU.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

UVU offers students the opportunity to get published in any of their myriad of student-led journals. From philosophy to visual art to science-fiction, a host of options are available to take work from the classroom and into the public. 

Publishing one’s work is a fantastic way for students to build up their resumes while also gaining valuable experience to serve them after finishing their time at college. Students will get to work closely with fellow student editors to polish and refine their work so that it shines to the best of their ability. 

These journals are student-run and student-produced. Along with getting published, students can volunteer to work as an editor. Here, they can gain practical experience editing as well as obtaining internship credits. 

The English Department has three publications: Warp and Weave is for science fiction and fantasy; Touchstones is for nonfiction and literary fiction; and Essais is for critical literary analysis.  

There are many more journals associated with other departments around UVU. Sophia is the premier journal for philosophy. Crescat Scientia Journal of History is for those interested in exploring history. The Journal for Business Inquiry is available for scholarly analysis of economics and finance. The Journal for Student Leadership addresses the central topic of leadership. 

In addition to journals native to UVU, there is also the option to connect to the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), a worldwide endeavor to promote interest in all things astronomy.  

Two other journals are listed as part of what UVU has available in their journal publications, Foundations Journal of Constitutional Scholarship and ICON: Inquiry Connections, but information on them is limited, either they are no longer available or they are in development. Foundations is associated with Constitutional Studies and ICON appears to be a general research journal that takes on a broad range of fields. 

Each of these journals has differing deadlines and demands, so if you are interested in getting your work published or volunteering to work as an editor, learn more at