Utah’s ultimate laser tag adventure: The Colosseum

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Colosseum in Layton Hills Mall contains the highest quality laser tag arena available. It also includes other fun attractions.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Step into The Colosseum in Layton Hills Mall. You’re not just entering Utah’s largest indoor laser tag arena; you’re embarking on an adventure into a realm where fantasy and reality blur. This entertainment haven, envisioned and brought to life by Kirby Barker, promises a sensory journey that captivates both the young and the young at heart. 

The moment you step into The Colosseum, the world outside fades away, replaced by the pulsating heart of the laser tag arena. Here, in this sprawling labyrinth of fun, the air is electric with excitement. Colored lights cut through the dimly lit space, casting eerie glows on the faces of eager participants. The arena, a vast expanse shrouded in shadow, is a maze of strategic hiding spots—from oil drums to makeshift barricades—each corner whispering secrets of the next thrilling encounter. 

The clatter and buzz of high-quality laser guns fill the air, each equipped with holographic sights that paint glowing trails across the darkened arena. “Laser tag was really cool! Best one I have ever done. Awesome guns and arena!” exclaimed a guest, their voice echoing the collective thrill. The advanced guns, with their intuitive reloading mechanisms, add a layer of authenticity to the experience, making every shot a pulse-pounding moment of triumph. 

But the allure of The Colosseum stretches beyond the laser tag arena. It’s a mosaic of excitement, with attractions like virtual reality, an XD theater that simulates a roller coaster, mini-golf, ax throwing, and archery tag. Each experience is a new chapter in the story of fun, as one visitor shared, “Archery tag was really fun and unique. Loved it and definitely going back.” 

Barker’s commitment to creating a space that resonates with excitement and innovation is palpable. Every corner of The Colosseum is infused with the spirit of adventure, from the adrenaline-fueled laser tag battles to the laughter-filled mini-golf courses. “It’s great to bring a whole bunch of people. There’s so many things to do,” a visitor remarked, capturing the essence of The Colosseum’s appeal. 

For those seeking an all-day escapade, The Colosseum’s day pass is the key to endless fun. It unlocks a world where time stands still, and the only goal is to immerse oneself in joy. The Colosseum is not just a place; it’s a journey through the extraordinary, a destination where memories are forged in the heat of laser battles and the laughter of shared experiences. 

In the words of another guest, “Way more fun than all those chain laser tags. You can tell people care. It’s locally owned. Really cool.” This sentiment encapsulates the heart of The Colosseum—a place where passion for fun and community thrives. 

The Colosseum in Layton Hills Mall stands as a testament to the power of imagination. It’s not just Utah’s ultimate laser tag destination; it’s a portal to a world of adventure and excitement, waiting to be discovered by all who dare to step into its realm.