“Two Donuts:” Great for children, could be better for adults

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Theatre for Youth and Education (TYE) Center brought laughter to children with the performance of “Two Donuts” by José Cruz González.

Photo courtesy of UVU Marketing.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

“Two Donuts” is a play about a young boy, Pepito, who becomes depressed after his grandmother passes away. He wishes to go to Guatemala and ends up going to a place called Cuate-Malo. From there, he goes on a journey to save Cuate-Malo. 

Something memorable about this play was the interaction between the actors and the children in the audience. The actors would act like cartoon characters, making the children laugh. The laughter of the children filled the theatre, making the play more enjoyable for adults. 

“Two Donuts,” however, falls short of being a great play. At first, it hints at its potential by representing Guatemalans and bilinguals, but it could have been better developed by leaving more time to connect with each character. There were only six people in the cast playing multiple roles. Incorporating children or elders in the cast could have made the play more relatable to all. 

Regardless, it was still a good play for what there was at hand. The simple set was perfect, with every prop having a purpose. The flawless transitions between scenes and characters made it easy for Pepito’s child-like imagination to come to life. Though it may not fully resonate with adults, it succeeded in its goal of entertaining and teaching children.

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